Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sweden faces a massive ISIS terror attack

Swedish police guard Muslim immigrants (file)
Swedish police guard Muslim immigrants (file)

Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists have infiltrated Sweden and are planning an imminent attack on the capital city of Stockholm, according to intelligence received by the Scandinavian nation.

Security services in Sweden are investigating undisclosed information about the ISIS attack, local media reported Tuesday as cited by Reuters on Wednesday.
Swedish security police (SAPO) were tipped off by Iraq that seven or eight ISIS terrorists entered Sweden with plans to attack civilians, according to Expressen.

A SAPO spokeswoman refused to divulge any details, saying, "security police are working intensively to assess received information, and it is of such a nature that our judgement is that we can not dismiss it."

An Iraqi security source revealed six Iraqis left the country in February 2015, and made their way into Sweden after passing through Turkey. READ MORE