Monday, March 21, 2016

Engelhard: Trump AIPAC follies – US Jews keep getting it wrong

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
One thing’s for sure. When it comes to politics, American Jews have no Einsteins. It’s one folly after another. We constantly get it wrong.

We keep producing great medicines but nothing to cure our political stupidity.
Yesterday (and still today) we loved FDR even though he did practically nothing to stop the trains heading to Auschwitz.

Twice at a scale of some 80 percent, we voted for Obama, even knowing what we knew, that he was no friend of Israel (or of America).

AIPAC is a friend of Israel, and that’s where we find Trump ready to speak and present his pro-Israel credentials. You would think we’d leave well enough alone, give the man his moment, but no, the Jewish Left finds him too “racist” and the Jewish Right (whatever there is of it) thinks he is not strong enough on Israel. READ MORE