Friday, January 15, 2016

Americans get it, Obama doesn't - just like Pharaoh

"Hashem granted the people favor in the eyes of Egypt; moreover, the man Moshe was very great in the Land of Egypt, in the eyes of Pharaoh's servants and in the eyes of the people."

The Ramban divides this Posuk into two separate parts. The fist part relates to the fact, "that the people of Egypt did not hate (the Children of Israel) because of the plagues they suffered upon Israel's account." The Ramban goes further and says the Egyptians were saying, "We are the evil ones, perpetrating violence against you and it is only right that G-d would show you favor."

In other words the Egyptian people unlike their leader, Pharaoh, recognized G-d's supremacy, his might, his awesomeness and his operating system. They were repentant, and essentially said "Al Chet" before the Final Plague of the Firstborn. It was Pharaoh who resisted and not his people. Because their leader was stubborn, arrogant, and lacking in fear of G-d Almighty, the Egyptian people suffered the Plague of the Firstborn.(READ MORE)