Sunday, December 20, 2015

Iran, Syria and Hamas condemn Kuntar 'assassination'

Following the killing of Samir Kuntar, Hezbollah allies issue condemnation of the airstrike.

After Arab media reports claimed that Israeli airstrikes killed Hezbollah terrorist  Samir Kuntar, condemnations came in fast and furious from the Shia Islamist group's allies.
“We condemn the Israeli assassination of Samir Kuntar,” Hamas posted on its Twitter account. “This is a heinous crime.”  The Gaza-based group further urged the international community to take action against Israel.

Syrian Prime Minister Wael Halaqi also condemned the attack, saying that targeting Kuntar was equal to "targeting the axis of resistance", referring to Syria and its allies.
Iran, a close ally of the Syrian regime, called it an "assassination" that was a "violation of an independent country's national sovereignty and territorial integrity". (Read More)