Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hezbollah reportedly pressed to avoid attacking Israel

The international community is urging Lebanese terror group Hezbollah to avoid attacking Israel in retribution for the killing of terrorist Samir Kuntar last week, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported Saturday.
The report in Al-Qabas quoted an unnamed European official who said foreign officials had warned Hezbollah that Israel appeared prepared to deal heavy blows to the group in both Lebanon and Syria in the event of an attack.
The source further claimed that Iran was also seeking to dissuade the group from any aggressive action, as a conflagration along the Israeli front with Lebanon and Syria could have unforeseen consequences in the already tumultuous region.
Kuntar’s death in an explosion of a building near Damascus is widely believed to have been carried out by Israel. Jerusalem has not confirmed that it was behind the attack, although officials have expressed satisfaction over Kuntar’s death. There have also been Israeli reports that Kuntar was planning fresh terror attacks against Israel. (READ MORE)