Wednesday, December 30, 2015

China and Israel create a union of tech superpowers

In the world of technological breakthroughs, two superpowers are combining forces to help each other progress, further and faster. China and Israel are partnering on a number of projects that are aimed to help both countries excel in research, both academic and practical.

In early January, representatives from large technology companies from both Israel and China will meet in Beijing for the first annual China-Israel Technology, Innovation and Investment summit. The two-day event has been designed by its creators to bring businesses, investors and researchers together under one roof, to help foster the budding partnerships that already exist between the two countries.

Major universities in Israel already share projects with large universities in China. Tel Aviv University has initiated a collaborative project with China’s Tsinghua University and are in the midst of building a $300 million nanotechnology research center in China. (READ MORE)