Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Joe Lieberman: US-Israel relations about to become ‘very productive’

With the Iran nuclear agreement a done deal, relations between Jerusalem and Washington are about to prosper, former US senator Joe Lieberman said Monday during a visit in Israel. In particular, Democrats who voted in favor of the controversial pact, which Jerusalem called a “historic mistake, are going to be keen to show their support for Israel,” he added.
“I think we’re entering a period now where the relations between the United States and Israel are going to be very positive and productive — and that includes a maintenance of the qualitative military edge,” Lieberman told The Times of Israel during an interview in Jerusalem.
Lieberman was a lifelong Democrat, being the party’s candidate for vice president in the 2000 election, until he became an independent in 2006. Though he retired from Congress two years ago, he was a vocal opponent of the July 14 nuclear pact with Iran, actively advocating among US lawmakers to reject the deal.
Many Democrats voted for the Iran deal despite concerns, arguing that while flawed it was better than the alternative, Lieberman said. They do worry about the agreement’s impact on Israel’s security and will thus make an extra effort to bolster US support for the Jewish state, he said. (READ MORE)