Monday, September 28, 2015

Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Not Hide Jew During Holocaust

Nearly one-third of American adults, if alive during the Holocaust, would refuse to shelter a Jew from the Nazis, a recent poll found. 
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the poll was conducted as part of a unique marketing ploy to promote the digital release of Return to the Hiding Place which tells the story of a group of Christians who hid Jews during World War II. 
Peter Spencer, who directed and co-produced the film, got the idea for the poll after one of its stars, John Rhys-Davies, asked interviewers during a promotional appearance if they would have risked their lives to shelter Jews. 
"It's a moral dilemma that we've never had to face, but you know those kids did, and their families did, and a lot of them lost their lives because of it," Rhys-Davies told the co-hosts of the Hallmark's Channel Home & Family program. (READ MORE)