Friday, July 29, 2022

The way is being paved for the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine plan

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s meeting with King Abdullah on 27 July could see negotiations being announced shortly between Israel and Jordan to create a single territorial entity encompassing Jordan, Gaza and parts of the West Bank.

This newly created entity -designated The Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine –together with Israel – will constitute the elusive and previously unattainable two-state solution – pursued by:

  • the Mandate for Palestine (1922)
  • The Peel Commission (1937)
  • UN Resolution 181 (III) (1947)
  • Venice Declaration (1980)
  • Oslo Accords (1993)
  • Saudi Peace Plan (1982)
  • Revised Saudi Peace Plan (2002)
  • Bush Roadmap (2002)
  • Trump Peace Plan (2020)

- finally ending the conflict over the division of former Palestine between Arabs and Jews begun with the defeat of Turkey in World War 1. READ MORE