Thursday, July 28, 2022

Iran announces arrest of alleged Israeli spy network for 2nd time in a week

An alleged Israeli spy network made up of five individuals has been arrested in Iran, an Iranian media outlet claimed Thursday, the second such group detention announced within a week.

The semi-official Iranian Labour News Agency said the five suspects were the leader of the cell and four associates, all of whom were “affiliated with the Israeli regime” and had allegedly been in contact with the head of Israel’s Mossad.

The report said Iran claimed the alleged spies had told the chief of the Israeli spy agency that they would “collect information from important and vital areas.”

The report also said that the group was accused of arson and had been trained to carry out acts of terrorism and sabotage.

ILNA said the cell had received financial payment for their activities and had been found to be in possession of “advanced equipment” as well as cellphones and SIM cards. READ MORE