Tuesday, February 21, 2017

US official: ISIS has ‘people in place’ to conduct ‘steady’ attacks

WASHINGTON — The Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) terror group is under heavy global pressure from militaries and law enforcement organizations, but military and counterterrorism officials forecast no letup in the current wave of international terrorism.
“We think that transnational terrorist attacks, in the near term, will probably remain steady. The group has been able to build a robust and redundant apparatus for conducting transnational terrorist attacks,” said a U.S. defense official.
ISIS will likely continue to employ a less-centralized approach to attacks, the official said — one driven by slick, incendiary online messages.
“They have a lot of people in place already that are sympathizers around the world. … We think they will be able to continue to be able to produce at least a constant level of propaganda, which underpins a lot of the ideology in Europe and elsewhere,” the official said.
Currently in Europe, the terror threat, which is high, is driven by ISIS, Al Qaida and other mostly Salafist groups.
Kristian Bartholin, deputy head of counterterrorism at the Council of Europe, said, “Due to the current high alert levels, it is difficult for terrorists to operate in traditional cell structures; hence, we see more ‘lone wolf’ attacks.” READ MORE