Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wave of arrests of wanted terrorists in Judea and Samaria

Overnight, IDF forces, the Shin Bet, and Judea and Samaria District police, and Border Police units arrested 25 wanted persons. Sixteen of the wanted men are suspected of involvement in terrorist activities and violent riots against Israeli civilians and security forces.

In the Menashe region, eight of the wanted were trapped as follows: in Tulkarm four Hamas members were arrested, in Ya'abed one was arrested, and in Khirbit el Hulijan three wanted were captured.

In the Efraim region one arrest was made in Kfar Qibiye, and in the Binyamin region four wanted men were captured: one, a Hamas member, was captured in Mazra'a Anovni, in Bir Zeit one, also from Hamas, and in Khirbat el Matzsbah two wanted men were arrested.

In the Etzion region Israeli forces captured five terrorists: In Bethlehem two were arrested, in Se'ir one Hamas member, in el-Arub one was captured and another one in Beit Omar.

In the Judea region seven wanted Palestinians were captured: four of them, one of them a member of Hamas, were captured in al Fawwar. In Khirbet Atbakah one wanted Hamas member and in Harsa two wanted were captured.

All of the arrestees were taken for questioning by security forces. The IDF reported that besides the terrorists, they uncovered three hunting rifles and ammunition. Also, in another IDF night operation in Beit Kakhil in the Judea region, thousands of dollars originating with terrorist groups were seized and handed over to security forces.