Thursday, December 22, 2016

Watch: IDF prepares for tunnel threat

The first exercise of the new Yahalom joint combat-engineering unit of the IDF took place this week in the Jordan Valley. Both regular soldiers and reservists took part in the exercise.
The IDF stated that this was the first time since the unit was expanded and combined it has carried out a drill as a full unit and trained using all of its combat capabilities.

The unit practiced long-distance raids against entrenched forces and bunkers during the exercise. They also trained in both urban and open environments, using the unique engineering component of the unit to overcome obstacles, clear passages in minefields, locate and destroy improvised explosive devices (IEDs), breaching doors, and dealing with a variety of unconventional threats using advanced technologies.

"This exercise is focused on the most real-world training possible, and therefore, almost all exercises are carried out with live ammunition." the IDF stated. (WATCH