Thursday, November 10, 2016

Poll: 70% of self-identified Jewish voters favored Clinton

Seventy percent of self-identified Jewish voters favored Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, with 25 percent opting for Donald Trump, according to a J Street poll.

The national survey, commissioned by the left liberal Jewish Middle East policy group, whom many consider anti-Zionist for its urging the US to pressure Israel to accept a two-state solution, again showed a community that trends more Democratic than the general population.

However, it probably should not be considered one community, as the dichotomy between Reform, Conservative and unaffiliated Jews - many of whom are not halakhically Jewish - and the different levels even within mainstream Orthodox, is clear-cut. The poll did not factor in this dichotomy and is therefore flawed in its generalities about the Jewish population.

The 70% statistical support of Clinton does not describe the Orthodox and haredi sectors, who were overwhelmingly supportive of Trump except for several hassidic groups and the poll results roughly divide along their percentage in what is considered the Jewish population by pollsters.

Clinton and Trump drew almost even in the popular vote in the balloting Tuesday – the former secretary of state edged her Republican rival slightly — but Trump scored a decisive victory in the electoral college vote.

“American Jews remain a bedrock Democratic constituency, with overwhelming disdain for Donald Trump,” J Street President Jeremy Ben Ami said in a conference call with reporters, a statement that is true when referring to the non-Orthodox streams. READ MORE