Wednesday, September 28, 2016

No Country for Old Christians? Phil Robertson Crushes It in ‘Torchbearer’ Film

In a groundbreaking new documentary film coming toselect theaters on October 7,Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson challenges a modern, post-Christian worldview by proposing a walk through history in the light of faith.

In this visually riveting documentary titled “Torchbearer” by veteran filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon, Robertson proposes that civilizations that abandon God as the bedrock of their rights and liberties wind up falling into nihilism and decay.
The Duck Dynasty patriarch is an unapologetic witness to the Christian faith as the cornerstone of Western Civilization, which has earned him the undying ire of the right-thinking Left. The film begins with a series of vignettes showing some of Robertson’s more controversial comments and the righteous rage they have provoked among the politically correct.

Pilloried in the mainstream media for his traditional, biblically based views on topics such as human sexuality and religious liberty, Robertson has been labeled racist, homophobic, ignorant and bigoted—all for espousing positions that up to a generation ago were considered normal and mainstream in U.S. society. READ MORE