Thursday, August 11, 2016

Abortion is nation's leading cause of death, if counted, study finds

A recent University of North Carolina at Charlotte study shows the devastating consequences of abortion on minorities, revealing that voluntary infanticide is by far the leading cause of death for both blacks and Hispanics.
The paper, “Induced Abortion, Mortality, and the Conduct of Science,” was written by James Studnicki, Sharon J. Mackinnon, and John W. Fisher and was published in an online edition of theOpen Journal of Preventive Medicine.
“Refusing to acknowledge abortion as a death undermines the role of science.”    
The authors take issue with the fact that abortion deaths are not included among the nation’s mortality statistics, pointing out that abortion is the leading cause of death for Hispanics and African Americans, and that the 1,152,000 deaths from abortion in 2009 made it the nation’s leading cause of death, accounting for almost a third (32.1 percent) of all deaths recorded that year.
The authors reached that conclusion through the straightforward process of including abortion in the nation’s mortality statistics. READ MORE